Friday, November 18th, 2016

Venue : Natural History Museum

Registration opens at 8am

Main track

Time Conference
08:30Opening remarks
08:45How to teach WordPress to clients : 10 Metaphors to make them feel smart Alexandre Bortolotti
09:20Ho API day Pierre-André Vullioud
09:55Typeface, Typography, Theme… Design matters. Frédérique Game
10:25Morning Break
10:45Content strategy tools for WordPress projects Evren Kiefer
11:20Accepting Bitcoin with WooCommerce Nick Weisser
11:55Create a multilingual WordPress site with Bogo Carole Mauron
12:15Why code quality matters? Thierry Muller
13:30How to run a WordPress company and a family of 5 and not go MAD. Piotr Soluch
14:05Customising the WordPress Admin Panel for Your Clients’ Needs Jesper van Engelen
14:40Confessions of a blogophyte Beatrice Otto
15:10Afternoon Break
15:30The WP REST API is a game changer Silvan Hagen
16:05Modular functionality – organizing your code to make WordPress development easier Mark Howells-Mead
16:40Internationalization improvements in WordPress 4.6 and beyond Pascal Birchler
17:15PANEL: What is missing in WordPress to be the perfect CMS?
17:45Closing remarks


Time Workshop and conference
08:45Créer son premier thème WordPress en 30 minutes Maxime Bernard-Jacquet
09:35Utiliser WordPress en toute sécurité Guillaume Baudoin
10:25Morning Break
10:50Building Mobile Apps Connected to WordPress With WP-AppKit Benjamin Lupu
11:40Customizing your BuddyPress community website Sylvie Clement
13:30SEA Best Practices Stephan Zurfluh
14:20Long live the customer: how to get more out of your WordPress business Manuela van Prooijen
15:10Afternoon Break
15:30WordPress Actions and Filters (conference) Ari Leviatan
16:05One Website, All the Languages — How to Set up a Multilingual WordPress Website With MultilingualPress (conference) Thorsten Frommen


Saturday, November 19th, 2016

Contributor Day (more info)

Venue: CREA Genève, 10am to 5pm