Introducing contributor day

WordPress is created by thousands of people just like you. You don’t have to be a developer or a designer to start contributing.

What are contributor days?

Contributor days give you a special opportunity to share a room with other people who are contributing to WordPress. WordPress is now running 27% of the World Wide Web and it needs our help. We encourage you to take part of Contributor Day especially if you have never contributed before and you’re looking for a way to get started. There are people who can help you get started.

Become a WordPress Contributor!

If you’ve never contributed to WordPress before, contributor day is a great place to start. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to help the projects, such as:

  • Core – improve the main WordPress platform. Pascal (@swissspidy) who is a core committer can help you get you getting started with contributing to WordPress core.
  • Theme Review – join the team responsible for the high quality in the Themes Directory on Ulrich (@grapplerulrich) from the Key reviewers team will be around to help with any questions.
  • – reviews and approves every video submitted to They also help WordCamps with video post-production. We need help editing the videos of the talks so that we can upload them to
  • Translations – make WordPress and its accompanying resources available in your language. With translation Day on November 12, the contributor day is a good continuation of the translations that you may have started.
  • Community – improve the WordCamp and meetup organization processes. Help getting a meetup started in your area. We have meetups in Geneva, Bern, Zürich, Luzern and BadenFor Translations and Community, Helen Yau (@yau_helen), Manuel Schmalstieg (@16kbit) and Patricia BT (@patriciabt) are here to help with any questions.
  • – reviews and approves every video submitted to They also help WordCamps with video post-production. We need help editing the videos of the talks from Friday, so that we can upload them to

For the remaining area of WordPress contribution, you can reach one of the people mentioned above.

  • Docs – improve the Codex, handbooks and other online resources for WordPress users and developers
  • Support – spread some happiness by helping out WordPress users in the support forums
  • Design – UI and UX updates
  • Accessibility – test and improve the accessibility of the WordPress project
  • GlotPress – help to improve the collaborative, web-based software translation tool, which was recently converted into a WordPress plugin
  • Mobile – with the growing number of mobile devices on a daily basis, let’s make WordPress more mobile-friendy
  • Meta – help the main WordPress websites such as or
  • BuddyPress & bbPress – grow the community building group by helping each of these projects
  • Rest API – join the Rest API team and start contributing to the future of WordPress

See? There’s plenty of room for everyone, and we’re more than happy to welcome newcomers to each of the WordPress Contributors team!

If you’re not sure which team is best for you, check out the Make WordPress website and all of the active teams.

What do I need?

Don’t forget your laptop and charger – you’ll need them during the contributing process.

Sign up for (or make sure that you already have):

Currently, the main communication medium for contributors is Slack, so download a desktop version or use the web one with your credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the Contributors day, reach out to any organizer or use the #wcgva hashtag on Twitter.

Plan For the Day

The Contributor Day will start at 10am on November 19 at Crea Genève in Les Acacias, see full instructions on direction here. And we will wrap up at 5pm. Make sure that you are present at 10am when we will introduce the team leaders and the room that each team would be using for brainstorming and work.

In addition to the contributing teams, workshops would also be given at a separate room at the building. Nothing is set in stone yet and you will be able to switch teams or attend some of the workshops.

Sign Up Now

Fill in the form below to secure your place. If there is more room, we will also take registration on Friday