After-party, yeah!

After a day full of conferences, you are all invited to the after-party to chill out and share conversation with the greatest of community!

Talking about WordPress or the state of the Wor(l)d 🙂 about the weather, the last celeb gossip, or UX design… you name it!

The party will begin at 9pm at Mon Rêve Restaurant, in quartier “Les Pâquis”. We will have the Lounge Bar in the basement.



Mon Rêve Restaurant, Rue de Bâle 14,  1201 Genève
(walking distance from main station = 8 minutes, see full directions in the Location page)

Speakers, sponsors and staff will be invited to a restaurant in the same area, while other attendees can go to eat on their own (even at Mon Rêve, which is also a restaurant in the ground floor). We will have drinks at the party.

We are looking forward to share those moments with you!